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CISMA intelligent exhibition industry new technology 2014-03-10

CISMA2015 to intelligent solutions for the theme, not only will focus on the world's sewing machinery industry in the past two years, new technologies and new products, will also be subject to the form of the most outstanding product focus on display.
Since the end of 5, CISMA2015 outstanding theme exhibits selection, the end of the report, the selection is being carried out in an orderly manner. It is reported that the selection of a total of 35 domestic and foreign enterprises to declare the 75 products, covering smart cutting, stitching, embroidery, ironing, transportation (storage), and other fields of industry cloud platform and other fields. Small first spoilers, let everybody be all eagerness to see it.
Xi'an Standard Industry Co., Ltd. to declare the direct drive automatic shear line sewing machine, the pressure foot device of intelligent sensing seam thickness can be programmed sewing and intelligent adaptive joint material thickness changes, the first step motor to adjust the needle distance, for a variety of sewing to provide solutions.
Shanghai Toyama Precision Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. sending automatic feeding full automatic edge bag sewing workstation (UAV), can realize unmanned operation seam edge and stitching. Products with automatic feeding device, and can be connected to the network to achieve automatic production management.
Beijing Hao Technology Co., Ltd. produced of intelligent and integrated embroidery electric control system and cloud services platform, uses the numerical control pressure foot head control, automatically change the bottom line technology, intelligent high-speed color change, intelligent Dan Guangou fault inspection and control coarse thread embroidery, glass powder beaded embroidery many techniques, enabling real-time production data acquisition, tracking the progress of orders, real-time network monitoring, networking control embroidery machine function, production and management automation.
At present, intelligent products have become the direction of the replacement of sewing equipment, intelligent products continue to emerge, small series will be for you to track the information of intelligent products, of course, also sincerely invite you to the show in September to feel the charm of technology!