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Dealers choose a good Chen sewing machine 6 major reasons
1 years, attention to the sewing machine industry, mature technology, stable product quality, reasonable market test
2, product certification and ROHS/CE certification, marketing efforts
3, the product profit space is reasonable, can be operated
4, channel support, professional sales staff to help, guidance to carry out regional market development and promotion work
5, the investor expertise line management, the company intends to build sewing machine accessories one-stop base
6, the model of the market is good, has trained a number of fixed consumer groups
Jia Chen select dealers 6 assessment
1, the dealer agreed to better business philosophy, bigger and stronger desire
2, the dealer is in the rapid development stage, there are 3 people or more stable sales team
3, office, storage and distribution capacity
4, the dealer has a mature sales network
5, have the industry sales experience is preferred; and the hands of the sewing machine industry brand is not more than 2
6, the credit situation is good, there are advanced management and management ideas