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Target values

Brand management must have lofty goals, and to convey this goal to all employees, so that all employees in the pursuit of such a lofty goal, the realization of self value.

Consensus values

Brand managers should change the traditional "command decision issue orders left and right type", "the implementation of consensus decision making". Building consensus is the requirement of the times, because the majority of the staff have sufficient knowledge and wisdom, but also a democratic consciousness of participation in decision-making, so that they participate in decision-making is the respect and affirmation, can inspire their loyalty and creativity.

Excellent values

The pursuit of excellence, the highest peak, never complacent. This is the ideal state of the outstanding work belief, is one kind of spirit, one kind of power and one kind of work ethics.

Integrated values

Brand managers and staff must form a community of interests to pull together in times of trouble. This is a sign of a strong culture.

Effect value

Behavior is a function of the result, which is the basic rule of human behavior. The effective value is the value of effect. It requires the staff of the work and interests linked to pay and get linked to the results and rewards linked, so that employees in the achievement of the need to continue to meet their energy to maximize the release of their energy.

Empirical value

Using statistical methods to measure benefits is a basic management skill. Brand managers must learn to think of the method, the basic mathematical concepts applied to decision-making. Because the success or failure of the brand management lies in the management and other personnel are good at thinking.

Intimate values

As a kind of ability to give or receive love, intimacy is a universal and basic human nature, which helps to improve the degree of trust and loyalty. Brand managers should strive to create a harmonious and intimate cultural environment, so that each employee's enthusiasm and creativity to get full play.

Integrity values

Brand management has the integrity of personality and quality, to win the trust and support of subordinates.

The value of the brand has the following functions:

1, positioning role
Value concept will be the goal of the pursuit of social values and social values, for the brand in the whole society, the value of the pursuit of individual employees and the business objectives of the brand, so that individuals in the development of the brand appropriate positioning. Brands and individuals to have a reasonable position, it must have a reasonable value.
2, determine the role
Value concept plays an important role in the survival and development of the brand. As the most profound elements of the brand culture, the value determines the basic brand, determines the brand's management style and management features, determines the behavior of the employees.
3, supporting role
Value concept is the most important, the most powerful spiritual pillar of the brand, is the spiritual support of all employees, can meet the needs of their spiritual pursuit. Brand in the face of difficulties, the values will be transformed into the infinite power of the brand, overcome the difficulties and dangers, unbeaten.
4, incentive effect
A firm belief in the value of a firm belief in the positive spirit of the staff. The value idea of the strength of the staff to work hard and practice, get rich rewards. At times, the value of the incentive is more important than the material incentive.
5, integrated role
Values provide the basis and link, therefore, the brand operation process of conflict, human emotions, etc. can be achieved through the common values of integration. Contradictions and conflicts have been adjusted and resolved, and the interpersonal relationship has been further strengthened.
6, education function
Common values have advanced and progressive meaning, once formed, it will produce a kind of invisible "potential energy", exert a kind of invisible pressure, to all employees play a role, so as to make the employees consciously and consciously according to the common values to shape the self.