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Zhejiang Jia Chen sewing machine Limited by Share Ltd formerly known as Jia Chen sewing machine Co., Ltd., as early as in 1999 to engage in sewing machinery industry. The company is located in Taizhou city Jiaojiang District Chen Liu Yang industrial zone. Products include: flat on the machine, sewing machine, stretch sewing machine, ironing machine and other special models. After many years of operation, the good network marketing network covering many countries in the world, has a number of stores and flagship stores in the country, "JIACHEN" brand has a certain degree of visibility and influence in the industry.

Company was founded, the spirit of "to the quality of survival, innovation and development" purposes, set up the independent research and development team, with many inventions, new utility, the appearance of patent technology. Perfect by constant diligence, establish a scientific, strict management system.

Today, Jia Chen has become a research and development, production, marketing, sales and after-sales service in one professional enterprise. Enterprise's mission is not only to provide quality products and services, but also for customers, employees, shareholders, social responsibility. Looking to the future, shaping the noble enterprise culture and establish a highly efficient management team, continued innovation, continuous efforts to build a "Jia Chen international brand.