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The advantages of our products
Consumers in the choice of products and manufacturers are not going to choose a weak wind. So if our product is not good, the price can not pull up, we can not pay the huge expenses of the enterprise, can not enhance the enterprise's R & D capabilities. An enterprise if no R & D capability is not long live.
(1) the variety of products, to meet the needs of a variety of consumer demand
A variety of products of large and small companies. Better able to meet the needs of a variety of consumer. This can effectively expand the market to do a good job market segments. If the product is too simple, you will have a lot of trouble when you are receiving a project. The customer's products are not likely to be only one, if the product of a few companies, it will cause the total control of different. Because the current market product technical parameters are different, a lot of things are not compatible, the customer can not reach the product compatible, the bid is quite bad. This is equivalent to not start competing himself first in the price defeat.
(2) the product's qualification is complete, after the consumer to buy the product is guaranteed
Company full product certification, so that the product in the market to sell more to win the recognition and trust of consumers. Now the market a lot of low price products are not certified. In the face of the sewing machine of the target consumer group, the "quality" is a very important advantage in the sale of the time. No certified products will be seized, the customer will be lost after the purchase will be a claim.
(3) the price of the product
Our company provides products for export to European countries. To such a high cost to do is to protect our high degree of mechanization, strict management system, advanced production equipment, due to our high degree of mechanization, production efficiency is more than 3 times higher than their peers, the artificial cost of diluted competitive advantage is very obvious. Our products are particularly obvious advantages in the industry.
(4) after the sale of the product
Two years of the implementation of the product warranty, life-long maintenance (only received material fees), not qualified products to replace.
The intercom, a long arm, my company increased the production of R & D efforts to develop the following special machine series, lockstitch sewing machine series, stretch sewing machine, overlock machine series, double needle machine series, computer sewing machine series, cutting machine series, adhesive series generator series, thermoprinting machine series, buttoning machine series, Jia Chen clothing template machine products for the agents to select new products listed in short supply, the agents in local sales are increasing month by month, the company in the project, continue to increase the following technical investment in research and development efforts, all intercom products processing technology to achieve network system, intelligent requirements.