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Dear friend:
Thank you for visiting the website of the best sewing machine!

I would like to express my sincere greetings to you on behalf of my best!

In the future, the company will clearly define the road to sustainable development. Any business projects in the world will not be accepted by the company, regardless of its profitability. In production and life will do the best to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, not the development of any great natural resources of the business; not to develop local human environment harmful business.

Companies to encourage staff to develop their own senior interest, to establish a good outlook on life and values, to develop a positive attitude to the sun, according to the law of true goodness of beauty.

The company also encourages internal colleagues and external colleagues to pay attention to improve the cultural and artistic accomplishment, understanding of painting and calligraphy art, poetry and literature, art and music for people to nourish the function, through the various aspects of the education and guidance of each channel to improve the self cultivation, improve the self personality. Through learning to improve the level of moral character, I believe in the road will have a big development, will have a big stage.

Innovation to promote development, so that good Chen kept the youth and vitality. Jiachen adhere to innovation and create the road of survival. In the past, the future based on expansion technology innovation, management innovation, management innovation. In the coming days, we will actively build a highly efficient learning team, learn from their peers, learn from history, and learn from the market. Efficient learning can make us to adapt to the changing social environment, through learning makes us sensible knowledge, learning is the source of innovation.

We respect experience, but not superstitious experience. Experience is a thing of the past, any successful experience is the past, not necessarily in today can be successfully copied, but do not expect the future will have any big role. We respect the past, but we live in a new environment and work under new conditions, so we must have our own working methods and ways. We are willing to try and take a bold and bold attempt to accept any new things; we are forward, we are with the times; we are more willing to lead. We want to do is have no predecessors, after no man, we do not want people not essential. Search the members of the team, you can develop an independent personality, improve the independent personality, but must be in the framework of the team, do not override the interests and rules of the team.

We are a service team, our value is the service we can provide. As long as it can be of service to others, we are willing to bend to. Our approach not self as the center, we are not the sun, stars, we are building roads and bridges, we are willing to provide great convenience for others. We are confident but not arrogant, we are not arrogant, because we are service.

Jiachen integrity is the soul of the team, each staff in works need not keep his promise and contract. Justice is Jia Chen team of peers, to firm and unyielding character, customers, colleagues, we do not bully, never treachery. In order to keep faith, we will very hard, also will be very tired, in particular, may also be unwise, but we could not therefore give up, we can't afford to lose. Be honest, we only can hardly be avoided by broad mind, to those things, that is not afraid of bullying, also not afraid. We are convinced that the team of justice must be the team of victory.

We are also convinced that we have enough courage and confidence to meet the unknown development, the history is written by those who make full use of the time and the opportunity to innovate. We will use the enthusiasm of the company each employee, we together with the enthusiasm and sweat of the development of Zhejiang Jia Chen sewing machine, to achieve the dream of becoming the world's super class enterprise!
Zheng Xiuhua 2015.8.20