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Dreams, based on a long planned and hard work......

Jia Chen is a development company, it has a bright future, because most employees are young people, in the management, they can use a close scientific approach.

The achievements and the rapid development of our system have been well reflected in the past few years. Every day, we are looking forward to a better future. In the development of management, make our brand more perfect, the use of modern production technology, so that the production and quality continue to improve, we believe that we will have a bright future. In the past less than three years, the company's growth rate has increased by 23%, this makes us proud, and always strive to do better.

Brand: pooled JIACHEN special machine, flat sewing machine, stretch sewing machine, sewing machine, double needle machine, computer flat sewing machine, strip cutting machine, binding machine, generator, thermoprinting machine, button sewing machine, sewing machine products,

Formation of a real sewing machine industry in the new high brand business.

Scale: to product scale, the scale of the high-end brands to create a sewing machine products brand industry base.
High-end: will become the largest, the environment is best, the highest level of a one-stop professional sewing machine market.

Consumption with in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai and the surrounding powerful consumer groups and consumption capacity and Max company excellent operation ability, will become the sewing machine industry is second to none.